Third place submission for CUNY Hackathon 2016. Cubeball is a local multiplayer (2-8)soccer game inspired by Rocket League. The multiplayer aspect is actually played by players who send text messages from their phones to control their associated avatars which are displayed on a big screen. Text messages were sent to a Flask app hosted on Cloud9 using Twilio, and the messages were fetched in Unity to update player movement.

Battle Blocks Royale

I was part of a Gamedev team that developed a simple shooter in C# with Unity. I worked on creating event systems for player health and power ups as well as improved player spawning to be scalable and more random. To go with the UI for the game I also helped to create a lightweight UI Framework that we used in the game.

Viacom Dora

Second Place Best Media Hack for HackBU 2016. An educational 2D mini game inspired by Dora the Explorer. Player goes through a mini findng game and then proceeds to a reinforced learning page for the player to practice Spanish by listening to English to Spanish audio clips. After listening to the clips the player can record themselves repeating words and play them back to compare to the correct pronunciation.


NeoAuto is a Python automation program for the popular HTML game Neopets, that uses Selenium to collect daily items and feed a user's pet. This started off as a final assignment for my Python class. After submitting it for a grade I decided to work on it some more, extending the application to work for all users, add more features, and make it available for public use.